Introducing the Cement Duck

When thirty-six-year-old assistant head bookkeeper Evelyn Farrell resigns from her job at the Merrill Construction Company in Philadelphia, she has no idea she has set off a one million dollar scam at a northeast Georgia bank.

Cement_duckHead teller Serena Sheppard is on duty at Cameron National Bank that day in 1971 when a stranger driving a essay editorshiny new Cadillac requests to see the bank president, Paul Norris. The mystery man, Jarvis Salisbury, is working on a large-scale secret project and needs a loan. He returns to the bank several times and leaves with bags full of money. Several weeks later, when Serena arrives at the bank, the building teems with FBI agents. They’re investigating the loss of more than one million dollars from the bank’s coffers. They need to determine just who Jarvis Salisbury really is andedit my paper who he’s working with. The bank employees and the townspeople are stunned. Someone in the small community of Cameron has helped steal money from the bank. Rumors fly and suspicion falls on all of the employees including the bank president, teller Joyce Williams, loan officer Phil Anderson, and even Serena. Will FBI agent Trey Bowman discover the swindler’s true identity?

An actual bank robbery in the 1970s is the background for this story of a working wife and mother caught up in a first rate mystery.

Cement Duck adds his own mystery as he serves as commentator and prophet. Published earlier this year the novel, is receiving rave reviews in and beyond its setting in North Georgia.